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“As of Today I Can't Go” – Djokovic Likely to Miss Indian Wells Due to Vaccine Stance

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Monday February 21, 2022

Novak Djokovic is aware that his desire to remain unvaccinated will cause problems for his schedule in 2022. And those problems, apparently, will begin in a few months for the current World No.1.

Tennis Express

Djokovic told reporters on Monday in Dubai that, as it stands at the moment, he will not be granted access to the United States to play the BNP Paribas Open.

But he is hopeful that things might change.

“As of today, not. I can’t go – can’t enter United States,” he said after picking up his first win of 2022 in his season debut, 6-3, 6-3 over Lorenzo Musetti. “As of today I’m not able to play. But let’s see what happens. I mean, maybe things change in the next few weeks.”

On Sunday, during his pre-tournament press conference at Dubai, Djokovic talked about how his calendar might be a bit unpredictable due to the fact that he is not vaccinated.

“I just have to follow the rules,” the 34-year-old said. “Whatever tournament that I’m able to play, I’ll be trying to get to that country and play the tournament. Obviously I’m not intending to play the full schedule. That wasn’t also my intention – as you brought up – and my goal prior to this season or the season before. I was trying to aim to play my best at the Grand Slams and some of the 1000 events we have, playing for my country. Those were the biggest motivations that I had in terms of the scheduling.”

Djokovic says he’ll look for playing opportunities and try to make the most of it.

“Right now the situation is obviously different for me. I really can’t choose right now. It’s really about where I can go and play.

“Wherever I have an opportunity, I’ll be using probably that opportunity and going to play because this is what I do, it’s what I love to do still.”

“We’ll play this tournament and we’ll see how it goes further down the line.”

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