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Effectively Wild Episode 1706: The Giants, (Sort of) Explained

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and The Athletic’s Grant Brisbee discuss Grant’s experience co-hosting a podcast with Hunter Pence and Grant’s hatred of the zombie-runner rule, before attempting to explain how and why the San Francisco Giants have baseball’s best record and what they should do at the trade deadline.

Audio intro: The Baseball Project, “The Giants Win the Pennant”
Audio outro: The New Pornographers, “Need Some Giants”

Link to Baseball Barista
Link to Baggs & Brisbee
Link to Grant’s Pence scouting report
Link to Grant on the zombie-runner rule
Link to The Athletic on the Giants’ offensive improvement
Link to Grant on Oracle Park
Link to Grant on the Giants’ bullpen
Link to Tim Keown on the Giants

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